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Does Turning Off Your Phone Stop Location Tracking? – Guide 2024

Phone trackers have become a popular tool to protect your devices. The overwhelming fear when you cannot feel your phone on you should not be experienced by anyone. In addition, they are the usual target of thieves or can be easily lost or misplaced.

For that reason, installing a tracking application helps in relieving these problems. Not only you will know their exact location, but you will protect the device from theft and getting lost.

However, the main question is whether the tracker can work while the device is turned off. We made this article to answer that question and explain how the tracking process works. Keep reading and find out.

How does tracking work


By installing a tracking app on a phone and connecting it with another device of yours, you are sure that you can access the location of that phone. The information can be acquired through various methods.

The first way that you can gain information about where your phone is by having the location function turned on. When needed, the app connects to the satellites and determines the exact location with the help of certain calculations.

Another method that is way more convenient is by direct search through the mobile number. The program connects with the global positioning system and gives precise information about where the phone currently is.

It is best to have both your location and data functions on, which will result in finding your phone faster.

Can you be tracked without turning the location setting


Even though by deactivating the location setting you surely decrease the chances of being tracked, your position can still be accessed.

This is the reason why many people are scared and think they are being followed without a reason. However, these methods are only used by law enforcement, so you should be worry-free.

1. Carrier towers

The first thing you can be accessed is through the cell carrier towers. As soon as the phone is turned on it automatically gets connected to these towers. They are the reason why you can call someone, and have a good signal during it.

When you get connected, your location can be accessed. Even if you are on the move, you get connected to a tower that has a better signal. The move is being calculated and the location can be accurately acquired.

2. Connecting to a wi-fi


Most of the free wi-fi connections work in a way where you are sharing device access for the signal. As soon as you get connected, the carrier can find out where was your last location, and the device can be found.

3. Simulator vehicles

They are the vehicles you see in movies that are used to track a person by emitting a stronger signal than the one from the carrier tower. Because every device is programmed to prioritize stronger connections, your position can be accessed.

Keep in mind that these are the strongest and most effective tracking methods, they are used by the law authorities and enforcement. So, if you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

4. Malware


The last way your position can be accessed without adjusting your settings is by malware software methods. Getting such a file is done where an unexpected download happens during your browsing sessions. The program works in the background and can access all the information important for your positioning.

What happens if you turn off your phone

In case the device is completely turned off, both because you have done that on purpose, or the battery has been drained, the location cannot be accessed. For that reason, if you want to look for your phone make sure it is charged. If you want to prevent tracking, just turn it off. This will prevent any tracking operation and you will be safe.

Ways of preventing unwanted tracking


To prevent unwanted tracking but keep on using your phone without obstruction there are a couple of things you can do.

The first thing you should do is turn off the option where your phone gets automatically connected to an available wi-fi network. This will help you avoid unwanted connections and give access to your phone and location.

The second is turning off your global positioning system function. This does not always help in itself, but it surely lowers the chance of getting tracked without permission. However, if you have intentions of tracking your phone when needed, be sure to leave this function on.

Lastly, you should be careful during your browsing sessions. For that reason, consider using a virtual private network. This will help in hiding your connection identification and will prevent giving access to malicious sites. In addition, you should pay attention to unexpected downloads. If something happens, be sure to immediately delete the file.

Benefits of tracking a device


After learning how the tracking tool functions and how you can prevent being tracked if you want, it is time to see the benefits. For that reason, we prepared you for a couple of situations where a tracker surely helps. Before you pick the tracking service or app, ensure it is properly established and has many satisfied customers like

1. Find the phone

The most obvious purpose of using a tracking app is to find a lost device. Whether is theft in question, or you have just lost the phone, the tracking service will surely be helpful. Not only that you will acquire your possession, but you will keep on the information and memories you keep saved, which holds invaluable importance for everyone.

2. Helps while traveling


When being abroad, you can easily mistake the streets and find yourself in a situation of being lost. By providing access to your friends or family, they can find and help you. This has been used by many people visiting places for the first time. By being cautious you are preventing situations you don’t want to be a part of.

3. Children protection

The biggest priority as a parent is ensuring your children’s safety. For that reason, having a tracker app on their phones has been shown as essential for their protection. That way, you can have access to their chat logs and see who they hang out with. If you notice a problem you can quickly act.

In addition, they can be late coming home. Instead of getting overwhelmed with fear, you can instantly open the app and see where they are. This will calm you down, and you can have the conversation when they arrive or pick them up yourself.