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How to Start Selling Online with Woocommerce

Want to start a dropshipping business? Are you tired of going to work? Do you want to be independent and earn enough? Then maybe it’s the right time to start your WooCommerce online store. If you thought that it was something too complicated and that you wouldn’t be able to do it – you are wrong. Many people have succeeded in this business until today, so here is the way you can start this business.

What Do We Use WooCommerce For?


WooCommerce is the most used system for selling on the Internet – and it is created in a way that you can sell everything you can imagine. We can say you can sell everything that has a price tag. In other words, you can sell physical goods, virtual products, video-audio services or works, art, booking, etc. WooCommerce also allows you not to sell anything in particular – but to create an empty store. Such a store can be visible in search engines, and then you can rent a virtual space in your web store to other entrepreneurs who have something to sell. You can sell only one type of goods or service – but you can also create an all-purpose store where customers will find everything. Therefore, Woo is a flexible platform that can be easily and quickly adapted to your needs – both in terms of functionality and design.

How Can We Create A Store In The WooCommerce System?

Today you can get an online store and offer your products to the entire world. And you can implement all new products at the same moment when they are offered on the Internet market. Of course, the easiest way to achieve this is within the WooCommerce system for online sales. Along with using WordPress, this platform makes a perfect combination for creating an online store. It is important to note that the entire system is free. At least the basic version is free. However, if you need to create more complicated and sophisticated parts of the shop – you need to use the paid tools. Still, even though people use these paid add-ons – you can get the store for cheap. If you don’t have time or simply don’t want to deal with creating a shop – you have to invest some money to make it all for yourself and place your products in the store.

What Steps To Follow When Opening A WooCommerce Store


The first step when starting an online store is to create your future brand. So, you have to come up with a name and make a logo to start with. If you already own a company or brand – you can proceed to the next step. The next step is to get a domain and choose a good hosting package for your future store. After you lease a domain and hosting – you can install the WordPress CMS with one click within the cPanel control panel offered by almost all hosting providers. Then, choose a skin for your online shop. The theme gives you control over the design and styling of the site itself. You can opt for one of the free WordPress themes – or find a paid one on the online market that will suit your needs better.

Installation Of Plug-Ins

Most users who want to create their store will have to purchase plug-ins. Namely, the platform itself doesn’t always give you the options you want – so sometimes it’s good to use the choice you have online. Within the purchased themes, you will already get some of the standard plug-ins. However, they may not be enough for you. On the other hand, if you decide on the free version, it is quite certain that you will have to pay for plug-ins – so why not get the better ones? Any experienced online seller will tell you that it is better to spend money on a WooCommerce plugin that will truly be useful to you – and for those who are more ambitious in this business, Booster plus is recommended by users. Namely, by using such online tools, you can be sure that you will get features that will multiply your sales. And not only that! Within such tools, you also get additional customer engagement, professional customer support, and more. Therefore, before you decide to invest your money in plug-ins – make sure you carefully consider all the tools and options offered to you.

Adding Products To Your Online Shop


Of course, after all this, it goes without saying that you have to add the products you will sell, as well as pictures and a description. You should be especially careful with the images. Namely, quality product photos are significant because they are one of the most important things in the sales process. When designing the shop, do not get confused when entering the description. Namely, on the right side of the product is the name, the price, a short description, and the Purchase button. This short description is not the same as the product description. In most cases, sellers leave this field empty – unless they want to put, for example, product composition, weight, etc.

Payment Systems


Also, keep in mind the various payment systems you can connect to your WooCommerce store. The simplest is to set up cash on a delivery system where you pay when you receive the goods. However, you also have at your disposal more complex systems such as credit or debit card payments, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. There may be too many systems, so think carefully about your market and the payment methods that are suitable for you. We can say that this is a business that practically cannot fail. Namely, WooCommerce is an ideal solution for testing products or services. Since you can create it relatively easily, cheaply, and quickly – you can see whether the market needs the goods that you want to offer. If there are those interested, then start building a big shop. If not – in any case, you didn’t spend a lot of money and resources.

The Bottom Line

If you’re done with all the work – it’s time to start selling! Put in a little effort, and you will see how much it will all pay off – because soon, your web shop will be working for you. Invest a little extra time and promote your products through social networks or Google Ads campaigns. You can also organize prize games and additionally optimize your webshop so that it ranks better.

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