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How to Make Instagram Account Public on iPhone?

By default, your Instagram account is set to public and anyone can see your posts, photos, and videos.

However, what if you have set it to private? How to Change an Instagram profile from private to public?

Well, when you make your Instagram account private, your users need to send approval request to see your posts. And thus, only approved users can see whatever you share on your profile.

So, how to make your Insta profile public on iPhone?

Well, this post is all about how to make Instagram account public on iPhone in just few minutes.

Before we start discussing the steps, let me first tell you that you cannot make your business profiles private. To do this, you need to switch back your account to personal.

So, if you are iPhone user and looking for ways to make your Instagram account public from private mode then below are the steps you need…

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How to Make Instagram Account Public?

Step 1

Open the Instagram app in your mobile.

Step 2

Go to your profile and tap on the Instagram Top Menu Icon Menu in the top right corner.

Step 3

Now, click on the settings gear Instagram Settings Icon icon and go to the privacy Instagram Privacy Icon option.

Step 4

Scroll to “Connections” section and click on the “Account Privacy”.

Step 5

Swipe the toggle bar Toggle Bar to left to turn off the Instagram private mode.

You’re done with the disabling privacy restriction and your Instagram account is set to public now.

How to Limit the Visibility of your Instagram Account?

I have seen many Instagram users that keep their account private just to make sure that some of followers cannot access posts.

But, what about the other followers?

Well, Instagram allows you to block specific users to prevent them from accessing your activity.

It means, that you don’t need to set your account in private mode just to hide your posts from some specific followers, instead block them and let other followers enjoy your photos and videos.

Key Points to Know About Private Instagram Accounts?

  1. Once you turn your account private, your followers need to send follow request to see what you share.
  2. You can access all follow request in activity Instagram Activity Icon section. Approve or Ignore.
  3. If you don’t want to make your posts visible to some specific followers who are following you before you set your account private, block them.
  4. Other people can send photo, video, or messages even if they are not following you.

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