How to Disable PopUp Blocker on iPhone

How to Disable PopUp Blocker on iPhone

Sometimes, popup ads can make your web surfing boring and distracting on iPhone. Fortunately, you can stop them by knowing the right way on how to disable popup blocker on iPhone.

Let’s dive into the details about what are iPhone Popups and how to stop them.

Advanced technology, in this era, has evolved in a rapid manner that it contributed to the mobile mechanism with the highly equipped processing.

Mobile technology is meant for cellular communication, and made its growth in the noticeable way in the past few years.

The top most smartphone service provider and manufacturer companies in the list include Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Motorola, Lenovo and numerous others. Apple is known to be the only vendor that comes with the iPhone series and provides iOS operating system.

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iPhone and the Smart Processing

The iPhone series along with other iOS devices come with several developed techniques that enables the user with a smooth processing of the device.

With the complete pack of multi-touch screen, virtual keyboard, GPS navigation, visual voicemail, cellular network and various other advanced processing, iPhone models come with multi-tasking facilities and likely appear no less than a computer. When linked to the cellular data, the device also allows advertising features to pop-up in auto mode.

Pros and Cons of iPhone Pop-Ups

Every internet explorer is familiar with the term “pop-up”. It generally contains ads, notices, offers, or alerts features which attract user’s attention.

Some tricky software developer use pop-up messages or features or pages to come over on your current screen to divert your attention on a different aspect. They will only try to make you subscribe their page for regular updates.


  1. It may be pissing scam claiming that they are from trusted companies, so they will ask you to share your confidential banking information to claim the winning prize. In that case their only aim is to steal the private data.
  2. On the other, some pop-ups offer you to go for free downloads, software updates and those cause to slow down performances of the phone.


  1. Though it seems to float over the screen unnecessarily some of pop-up messages may provide useful information and quality services to us.

What Does Pop-Up Blocker Do?

Pop-up blocker actually helps to prevent unnecessary advertisements. It often disrupts the clear view of the screen but at times, there are chances, that u may miss out some important notifications. It is totally up to the users to block or allow the pop-ups on the screen, that a website is featuring.

However the certain cons of blocking pop-ups on the screen may lead to the unavailability of some of the significant features, that are ready for your service.

So if you need or wish to work on the feature you must allow pop-ups on the screen. When you turn off the pop-up setting, the address bar will automatically notify about the blocked pop-ups.

Thus disabling pop-up blocker will aid you avail the informative features on the screen.

How to Disable Popup Blocker Feature on iPhone?

The iPhone series have its own native web browser named ‘safari’. And it displays web pages that pops up on the windows counterpart. If you have already blocked automated pop-ups and willing to attain the featuring notification, you must know how to disable Pop up Blocker on iPhone.

Steps to Disable Pop-Up Blocker

  • Unlock the iPhone and access to the home screen.
  • Tap to the ‘setting’ option and go to ‘safari’.
  • Under the general setting list, toggle the switch beside “Block pop-ups” to the off mode.
    And disabling pop-up blocker in safari for iPhone is done.

However it should be taken care of that the resources of these pop-ups are authentic and reliable than any unknown link of pop-ups.

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