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9 Mistakes That Can Be Avoided When Creating A Business Website

Enterprises that were never game on creating their official websites have now gone completely mobile. Yes, they have the mobile versions of their websites as well. But in this process of digitization, they also made some mistakes. This is because they were new to the landscape. You are here to learn from those mistakes. Let’s talk about some of these errors that can be easily avoided:

1. Do Not Ignore The Load Times Of Your Website

This is the first thing that you should take care of when creating a website for your business. The loading time of your landing page or any of its pages should be less than 3 seconds. Have you ever opened the homepage of Amazon? It is lightning fast. And the surprising part is that the entire layout and recommendation section of the landing page is different every day. The loading time of your website is one thing you can never ignore.

2. What About Your Blog Section?


The blog section of your website is an integral part of it. This is where you personalize your website. It also helps you differentiate your brand from your competitors. This is where you connect with your audience by adding fresh and engaging content for them. It is also where all your potential conversions take place and it is a great way to educate them about your future offerings as well. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is forgetting to update the blog section on a predetermined schedule. They forget that the content has to be relevant and grammatically correct. It should be based on facts and not on conjectures because your users have gotten more intelligent than they were before.

3. Say Goodbye To Poor Navigation

This is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses today are constantly making. They do not understand the importance of easy navigation and the fact that if your users are not able to find what they are looking for on your website, they will get bored. The menus have to be simple. The animations have to be short and crisp. The experts at can suggest you the best ideas and select the most suitable placement for your call-to-action buttons as well. Also, your blogs, testimonials, infographics, and any research papers that you want to make available to your users should have different tabs dedicated to them. This makes for easy navigation of your website and reduces your bounce rate too.

4. Too Much Clutter On Your Website

When you have too many design elements on your web page, your users tend to get confused. There will be a major chunk of your visitors who will not be able to understand what your website is all about if it has too much going on. A crowded web page is never going to please your audience. If you have a tonne of images, videos, testimonials, texts, and large fonts, your user is probably going to get intimidated rather than impressed.

5. Irrelevant Or Unpleasant Imagery


Your users are always going to look for relevance in all the media that you upload. This includes your photos and infographics as well. Even your videos and testimonials should find the right spot, and the content surrounding them should be related to that media and nothing else. Many businesses end up using irrelevant images because they tend to completely abdicate this responsibility to their designer without supervising the process of development. The wrong images on your web pages are going to again confuse your readers. They will be constantly perplexed as to what message you are trying to convey.

6. Putting Your Advertisements In The Wrong Places

There should be a strategic plan for this. If you don’t have a predetermined layout of where your advertisements are going to go, your users are going to get frustrated with your design. You need to analyze all your advertisements and pay extra attention to their placement as well. You must take care of the popup ads as well because they tend to be quite intrusive, and you don’t want your users to break their flow when they are going through your website.

7. Inconsistent Design Of Your Landing Page

If there is visible inconsistency in the design layout, color scheme, fonts, and other sections of your landing page, the user may not get a very positive impression of your website. For example, if your blog section has a different font than the rest of your web content, it is going to seem out of place. Similarly, if your image borders are of a strikingly different color than the rest of the page, it is going to make it look very unpleasant and unprofessional.

8. Keyword Cannibalization


This happens when you try to target the same keyword on two or more of your website pages. If this happens, two or more of your pages will compete against each other for the same keyword on the internet. This means that you are going to experience a very low click-through rate, and the value of your pages is also going to decrease significantly. So make sure that you do not make this mistake when putting up content on your website.

9. Forgetting Mobile Adaptiveness

Have you completely forgotten to make your website mobile? This is what happens when you create a website in haste. Making it adaptable and responsive on mobile devices is as important as creating it in the first place. According to an independent study, more than 75% of retail users prefer to shop online on the go, which means they are constantly using their smartphones to access your website. So yes, you must invest in a mobile version of your website to retain your existing customers and gain new ones as well.

Final Thoughts

Since 2020, several businesses have understood the importance of coming up with their websites and web apps. If you haven’t created your business website yet, Get on the bandwagon because you deserve more success.

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