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Assignar Review: Top Construction Scheduling Software

The history of construction projects dates back to ancient civilizations, where monumental structures such as pyramids and temples were built using manual labor and simple tools. Throughout the centuries, construction technology and techniques have evolved, from the use of the wheelbarrow and pulley systems during the middle ages to the introduction of mechanization and prefabrication in the industrial era.

Modern construction projects are characterized by their use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative building techniques. These software solutions are designed to streamline the project planning process, from initial conceptualization to final execution, by providing an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that allows users to schedule at the office or in the field.

In this article, we will learn about one such cutting-edge construction management solution called Assignar. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Assignar?


Assignar’s distinctive cloud-based construction management software has a multitude of features that can help field staff and subcontractors in the construction industry do their jobs better. Its user-friendly, compliant web-based platform and mobile application makes it easy for construction professionals to manage their projects, workforce, and resources all in one place.

Why is Assignar considered the top construction scheduling software?

Here are some of the most noteworthy reasons why Assignar is the best construction scheduling software on the market right now:

1. Detailed project schedules

One of the key benefits of Assignar is the ability to create detailed project schedules that take into account a wide range of factors, including resource availability, project milestones, and budget constraints. This allows construction professionals to plan and execute projects in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, while also reducing the risk of delays and going over budget.

2. Centralized workflow

One of the key features of Assignar is its centralized workflow, which allows for seamless communication and connection between the field and main office. This is achieved through features such as bulk SMS and email sending, and the Companion Fieldworker mobile application. This constant connection allows for real-time updates, and enables teams to coordinate and collaborate more effectively, improving overall productivity and efficiency.

3. Easy compliance


Assignar can help organizations comply with a variety of laws and regulations related to construction and project management. Some examples include:

Keeping track of construction permits and licenses: Assignar can help organizations stay on top of the paperwork and documentation required for obtaining and renewing construction permits and licenses, which helps ensure compliance with local and regional laws.

Safety management: Assignar can help organizations manage and track safety procedures and protocols, which can help them comply with OSHA regulations and other industry standards related to workplace safety.

Environmental compliance: It can assist organizations in managing and tracking environmentally friendly construction practices, such as waste management and energy efficiency, which can help them comply with environmental regulations.

Compliance with labor laws: It can also assist with maintaining employee records, tracking hours, and managing pay to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Contract management: Assignar allows organizations to create, track, and maintain contract documents for construction projects, which can help  ensure compliance with legal and financial regulations related to contracts and agreements.

4. Easy integration


Another important feature of modern Assignar is its ability to integrate with other construction management software, such as project management software, procurement software, and accounting software, allowing users to easily share data and information between different systems and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of their projects.

Assignar’s digital data flow enables efficient collection and transfer of timesheets to accounting systems like QuickBooks, Sage, etc., streamlining the invoice and payroll processes while providing customizable and visually appealing reporting options.

5. Healthy equipment status

Assignar’s asset maintenance feature allows for optimization of resource consumption through preventative maintenance and modifications, ensuring that equipment serves effectively for a longer period of time. This helps construction companies save money and improve their bottom line by avoiding unexpected downtimes and replacements.

6. Better presentations


The software also provides operational insights through the ability to produce custom reports and utilize the Data Visualizer tool to build various visualizations. These insights allow construction professionals to make informed decisions and ensure projects are on track and on budget.

7. Quick actions

Another significant feature of Assignar is its drag-and-drop feature, which enables you to quickly and easily allocate several resources to a single task, saving time, and reducing downtime. By automating the process of sending confirmations of work assignments to crews, more time may be spent on other, more important tasks rather than on routine communication.

8. Employee management

Assignar also provides workers with electronic ID cards they may use to quickly access their relevant data, improving accessibility and security. These ID cards include a QR code, which, when scanned, will direct the user to a webpage where the workers’ information is available. This eliminates the need for physical paperwork and makes it easy for supervisors and managers to keep track of the workforce.

Will Assignar integrate with your existing software system?


Connecting various software systems is essential for the smooth operation of a company. By linking different applications together, businesses can automate the movement of data and streamline processes. When implemented correctly, this can lead to a number of advantages, such as faster completion of data-intensive tasks, improved understanding and use of data, and the ability to use human resources and time in more productive ways.

Assignar is software designed for construction management and supports integrations fully. To make the process as easy as possible, the software has been developed with an open architecture, which allows clients to integrate with any third-party system they choose.

There are several options for integrating with Assignar, such as using their API, which requires development work from the customer; uploading csv or xlsx files, which require no development, or using third-party integration providers, which also require no development from the customer side.


Assignar is a powerful construction management software that offers a wide range of features to improve the efficiency and compliance of field staff and subcontractors. Its user-friendly, compliant web-based platform and mobile application, its centralized workflow, streamlined processes, compliance tools, and operational insights will help any construction company improve their bottom line by avoiding unexpected downtimes and replacements, improving communication and collaboration, and making educated decisions.

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