Alt Codes: List of Alt Key Codes and Symbols (Windows)

Alt Codes List

Alt Codes

Here, I will discuss everything about Alt Key Codes, how to use them, and provide a complete list of Alt symbols and codes that you can use.

So, let’s get started…

What are the Alt Codes?

Alt Codes are keyboard shortcuts to type special characters and symbols that don’t have a dedicated key on your keyboard. It uses the Alt Numpad Input method developed by Microsoft Windows.

Previously, there were only three-digit OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) codes.

But, as these codes started gaining popularity, Microsoft has decided to keep them and introduced a new set of Alt Codes, which is known as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) codes. Later, it has been changed to Windows Codes. This new set of ANSI codes are four-digit codes preceding with “0”.

How Many Alt Codes Are There?

In general, there are 256 alt codes. However, I have found 377+ alt keyboard shortcuts that work fine on Windows PC and Laptop.

How to Use Alt Key Codes to Type Alt Symbols?

Typing Alt Symbols using Alt character codes is very simple.

Steps to use Alt codes –

  1. Press and hold the left Alt key.
  2. Type the Alt code of the symbol you want.
  3. Release the Alt key, and you will get the symbol you want.

For example, I want to type the lowercase Delta symbol, and 235 is the alt code.

For this, what I need to do is press the left Alt key and type 235, release the alt key, and you will get the lowercase delta sign (δ).

Key Notes:

  • Use the left Alt key only
  • Use only the numeric keypad (If your keyboard doesn’t have the numeric keypad on the right side, then you need an external keyboard. Windows on-screen keyboard (Windows Key + Ctrl + O) will not work.)
  • The Numlock key should be on.

A Complete List of Alt Codes for Windows

Below I have compiled a list of different Alt Windows Codes that includes –

  • Foreign Language Letters with Accents
  • Currency Symbols
  • Math Symbols
  • Punctuation Marks
  • Greek Symbols

Let’s check out each one by one –

1) Accents Alt Codes

Here is the list of English accents and alphabets with alt key codes –

Alt CodesSymbolsDescriptions
ALT 0192ÀA grave
ALT 0193ÁA acute
ALT 0194ÂA circumflex
ALT 0195ÃA tilde
ALT 0196 or ALT 142ÄA umlaut
ALT 0224 or ALT 133àa grave
ALT 0225 or ALT 160áa acute
ALT 0226 or ALT 131âa circumflex
ALT 0227ãa tilde
ALT 0228 or ALT 132äa umlaut
ALT 97a
ALT 98b
ALT 0199ÇC cedilla
ALT 0231çc cedilla
ALT 99c
ALT 100d
ALT 0200ÈE grave
ALT 0201ÉE acute
ALT 0202ÊE circumflex
ALT 0203ËE umlaut
ALT 0232 or ALT 138èe grave
ALT 0233 or ALT 130ée acute
ALT 0234 or ALT 136êe circumflex
ALT 0235 or ALT 137ëe umlaut
ALT 101e
ALT 102f
ALT 103g
ALT 104h
ALT 0204 or ALT 141ÌI grave
ALT 0205 or ALT 161ÍI acute
ALT 0206 or ALT 140ÎI circumflex
ALT 0207 or ALT 139ÏI umlaut
ALT 0236ìi grave
ALT 0237íi acute
ALT 0238îi circumflex
ALT 0239ïi umlaut
ALT 105i
ALT 106j
ALT 107k
ALT 108l
ALT 109m
ALT 165ÑN tilde
ALT 164ñn tilde
ALT 110n
ALT 0210ÒO grave
ALT 0211ÓO acute
ALT 0212ÔO circumflex
ALT 0213ÕO tilde
ALT 0214 or ALT 153ÖO umlaut
ALT 0242 or ALT 149òo grave
ALT 0243 or ALT 162óo acute
ALT 0244 or ALT 147ôo circumflex
ALT 0245õo tilde
ALT 0246 or ALT 148öo umlaut
ALT 111o
ALT 112p
ALT 113q
ALT 114r
ALT 0138ŠS caron
ALT 0154šs caron
ALT 114s
ALT 116t
ALT 0218ÚU acute
ALT 0219ÛU circumflex
ALT 0220 or ALT 154ÜU umlaut
ALT 0217ÙU grave
ALT 0249 or ALT 151ùu grave
ALT 0250 or ALT 163úu acute
ALT 0251 or ALT 150ûu circumflex
ALT 0252 or ALT 129üu umlaut
ALT 117u
ALT 118v
ALT 119w
ALT 120x
ALT 0221ÝY acute
ALT 0159ŸY umlaut
ALT 0253ýy acute
ALT 0255 or ALT 152ÿy umlaut
ALT 121y
ALT 0142ŽZ caron
ALT 0158žz caron
ALT 122z
Accents Alt Codes

2) Currency Symbols with Alt Keyboard Shortcuts

As per the standard of ISO Country Codes, there are 249 countries in the world and 164 national currencies. Here I have provided the list of Currency Alt Codes for some of the popular currencies in the world.

Alt CodesSymbolsSymbol Name
ALT 36 or ALT 0036$US Dollar Sign
ALT 155 or ALT 0162¢Cent Sign
ALT 156 or ALT 0163£Pound Sign
ALT 0164¤Currency sign
ALT 157 or ALT 0165¥Japanese Yen
ALT 402ƒFlorin currency symbol (Netherlands)
ALT 1423֏Armenian dram sign
ALT 1547؋Afghani sign
ALT 2046߾Nko dorome sign
ALT 2047߿Nko taman sign
ALT 3647฿Thai currency symbol baht
ALT 6107Khmer currency symbol riel
ALT 0128Euro
ALT 158Peseta
ALT 13136Square Yuan
ALT 65284Fullwidth dollar sign
ALT 65504Fullwidth cent sign
ALT 65505£Fullwidth pound sign
ALT 65509Fullwidth yen sign
ALT 8377Indian Rupee Sign
Currency Alt Codes

3) Math Symbols with Alt Codes

You frequently need to use mathematical formulas or equations while writing mathematics books, journals, and lessons using MS office programs or any other windows application. And thus, knowing Alt keyboard codes for Math symbols would make it very easy for you.

Here is the list of mathematical Alt operators for basic operarions, Pers, bracketing, degree of accuracy, fractions, equality, inequality, powers, trigonometric, integral, and general signs.

ALT CodesSymbolsSymbol Name
ALT 48 – 570-9Zero to nine numbers
ALT 43+Plus Sign
ALT 45Minus Sign
ALT 0215×Multiplication Sign
ALT 0247÷Obelus / Division ign
ALT 37%Percentage Sign
ALT 0137Per mille (per thousand)
ALT 40(Open Bracket
ALT 41)Close Bracked
ALT 241±Plus or Minus
ALT 47/Fraction seperator
ALT 0188¼Quarter
ALT 0189½Half
ALT 0190¾Three quarters
ALT 46.Decimal Point
ALT 240Exactly Identical
ALT 61=Equals
ALT 247Approximately equal
ALT 60<Less Than
ALT 62>Greater Than
ALT 242Greater than or equal
ALT 243Less than or equal
ALT 251Square Root
ALT 252Power n
ALT 0185¹To the power of 1
ALT 0178²Squared
ALT 0179³Cubed
ALT 227πPi
ALT 248°Degree sign
ALT 35#Number
ALT 236Infinity
ALT 230µMicro
ALT 228ΣSum
ALT 239
ALT 244Top Half
ALT 245Bottom Half
Mathematics Alt Keyboard Codes

4) Alt Codes for Punctuation

Here is the complete list of alt key codes for punctuation marks including exclamatory, parenthesis, editing, qutation, abbreveation, archaic, and general punctuations.

Alt CodesSymbolsSymbol Name
ALT 33!Exclamation Mark
ALT 19Double Exclamation
ALT 173¡Inverted exclamation mark
ALT 63?Question Mark
ALT 168¿Inverted question mark
ALT 91[Open Square Bracket
ALT 93]Close Square Bracket
ALT 123{Open curley bracket
ALT 125}Close curley bracket
ALT 28Tab Marker
ALT 21§Paragraph
ALT 20Carriage Return
ALT 0134Cagger / obelos
ALT 0135Couble dagger / diesis
ALT 34Quotation Mark
ALT 0139Left Arrow
ALT 0155Right Arrow
ALT 0145Curly single open quote
ALT 0146Curly single close quote
ALT 0147Curly double open quote
ALT 0148Curly double close quote
ALT 174«Quotation Mark
ALT 175»Quotation Mark
ALT 0130Curly single quote
ALT 0132Low curly doublequote
ALT 39Apostraphe
ALT 96`Angled Apostraphe
ALT 38&Ampersand
ALT 64@At Symbol
ALT 58:Colon
ALT 59;Semi-Colon
ALT 44,Comma
ALT 46.Full Stop / Period
ALT 32Space
ALT 255Alternative Space
ALT 0133Ellipsis
ALT 95_Underscore
ALT 0175¯Overscore
ALT 124|Bar
ALT 126~Tilda/Squiggle
ALT 0168¨Diaresis
ALT 45Dash or Hyphen
ALT 0151Longer Dash or Hyphen
ALT 22Bold and Long Hyphon
ALT 42*Asterisk
ALT 47/Slash
ALT 92\Back Slash
ALT 166ªa superscript
ALT 167ºo superscript
ALT 0183·Interpunct
Alt Keyboard Codes for Punctuations

5) Alt Codes for Greek Letters and Symbols

Here is the full list of Alt key codes for Greek letters and symbols –

Alt CodesSymbolsSymbol Name
ALT 225αAlpha
ALT 225βBeta
ALT 226ΓGamma
ALT 235δLowercase Delta
ALT 238εEpsilon
ALT 233ΘTheta
ALT 227πPi
ALT 230µMu
ALT 228ΣUppercase Sigma
ALT 229σLowercase sigma
ALT 231τTau
ALT 232ΦUppercase Phi
ALT 237φLowercase Phi
ALT 234ΩOmega
Alt Codes for Greek Letters sand Symbols

Wrapping it up…

So, above was the complete list of widely used Alt Codes. You can save it somewhere with you so that you don’t need to spend time on finding them online. It will enhance your writing experience and saves you time.

By the way above all are the Windows Alt Codes and work fine on almost all types of Microsoft Windows Applications like MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook, etc.

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