8 Best Rated Mobile Apps for HR Managers

Mobile Apps for HR Managers

If you are working in the HR industry then you must be aware of these 8 most popular mobile apps for HR managers.

Such apps have truly revolutionized the traditional and manual way of Human Resource Management.

So let’s check out HR apps one by one…

HR Managers and other HR professionals are responsible for handling and managing the most precious asset a company can boast of – its human capital. A company banks on the skills, competence, and innovation of its HRD to ensure smooth functioning both in the short and long term.

Today, HR professionals do not just maintain spreadsheet records, write emails, and organize internal events. With time, HR professionals’ role has evolved into one wherein they are invaluable assets of the firm, providing valuable insights and strategic opinion to facilitate decision making.

In light of this, HR Managers need to be always at the top of their game. Gone are the days of massive documents and heavy folders; things have gotten digitized, and innovations on that front are a daily phenomenon.

Nowadays, robust mobile apps are driving productivity in all departments, with HRD not being any exception. But as with everything else, variety gives rise to confusion.

Here are the top 8 highly-rated mobile apps that modern HR managers can use to better discharge their core duties of personnel data management and conflict resolution.

Best Mobile Apps for HR Managers/Human Resource Management


BambooHR is a great HR management app for small to medium-sized businesses. It is a Swiss-army knife of software covering the A-Z of personnel management functions. It allows accumulating all of the employee-related data in one area in a very easy to understand interface.

The software is available for all major mobile and PC platforms out there.

Unlike many other packages, BambooHR enables effortless integration with other departments. It doesn’t cost a fortune to acquire a license, probably keeping the target group of small and medium businesses in mind.


iCims is another great talent and applicant management software that HR managers in the leading firms have come to love. The USP of iCims is that it features a tracking system that the HR guys can use to find, filter, and shortlist the fittest candidates for a particular role. That’s not all, though. It also contains a marketing tool that facilitates attracting and recruiting candidates from social media platforms.

The onboarding component considerably reduces the issues post-hiring. Thus with several of the targeted pieces working in tandem, hiring the right candidates becomes substantially more straightforward.

As usual, mobile apps are available for all significant platforms like Android and iOS.


UltiPro is an all-in-one HCM (Human Capital Management) software suite consisting of everything an HR Manager would ever need – payroll, attendance, administration, events, compensation management – you name it. This app was built to be a single robust portal to accommodate all things HCM.

In addition to the usual set of features, it also includes business intelligence and predictive analytics. It offers up all of this in an intuitive smartphone-friendly app environment for maximum productivity on the go.

Check out our guide in case if you can’t login to ultipro from home on mobile.


Though not strictly an HRM app, Slack is an app that most HR Managers have installed on their phones. It is like a meeting space for both formal and informal communications, a bulletin board, and a digital task organizer for a whole team. It’s a great app that helps co-ordinate, communicate, co-organize, and socialize, even when team members are not physically present together.

It is available for both the web and major mobile platforms.


TribeHR is another quality HRM software. It is mainly concerned with attracting and recruiting the best talent from the pool. Not only that, but it also helps cut down redundancy and repetitiveness in the hiring process. TribeHR helps boost productivity by creating a streamlined digital recruitment process.

It has social components as well. It integrates an interactive news feed and general information bulletin that facilitates employees in need of such information.


The Workday HCM app is a natural alternative to UltiPro. Workday has a reputation for helping HR managers build great teams. After all, identifying talent, recruiting the few people needed, and then training them is no joke. Workday provides highly analyzed and contextual insights to the HR managers for making informed decisions.

As with others, WorkDay is available for all major mobile platforms, although their Android app could do with some polish You may want to check this guide from Sonary to help you.


Enough of HRM apps. Enter project management software – among which Trello is one of the most well-known names among HR Managers.

Trello is a web-based platform to visualize, analyze, and collaborate on projects at hand effortlessly. An HR manager can keep tabs on the work done by people directly managed by him or those currently working with him on a project through this app.

Trello has its own Android and iOS mobile apps as well.


Peakon aims to help users ‘make better people decisions’. It is a platform that allows HR managers to interact with the employees to create the most conducive atmosphere for top productivity. This analytics program aims to extract employee feedback and generate strategically viable insights for the HRD.

Unsurprisingly, it comes with its own set of mobile apps, boasts of a brilliant UI, and is available in multiple languages.

Wrapping it up…

So, these were some reliable mobile apps for HR managers known for their efficiency when it comes to automation. Such apps are helping companies to cut down costs and save time especially during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

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