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How to Make Your Smart Watch Battery Last Longer

Smartwatches can come in handy when we need fast access to our notifications, in case not to miss anything. Even though they are pretty tiny devices, and it’s not expected to drain the battery, many users report issues like that. When it comes to smart devices, their battery span is shorter than the usual watches, which means you will have to charge them more often than you expect.

Today they are available everywhere, and people use them for different purposes. At you can find so many interesting models that are specially promoted as smart watches in South Africa. You can also go for the usual Android or Apple models too. It depends on your preferences. But, no matter the manufacturer, the issues with battery life can really be frustrating.

We live in a world where smartwatches are everywhere. From fitness trackers to music players, these devices are becoming ubiquitous. With their popularity comes greater demand for longer battery life.

How long does your watch battery usually last before it dies out? If you’ve never had to replace a smartwatch battery before, you might be surprised at how much time it takes to fully charge or drain.

Most modern smartwatches come with built-in batteries that last anywhere from 2-3 days, depending on the user’s habits. You probably already know that using your smartwatch while charging isn’t recommended, just like about the phones. It’s because of the fact the watches use lithium ION batteries too (in most cases).

But, do you ever wish your watch battery lasts much longer?


The battery life depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the screen, the type of display being used, and the amount of data being transmitted through the device.

To maximize battery longevity, you should follow these steps to ensure it’ll last as long as you need it.

We’ve got some great tips to ensure that your battery lasts longer than normal:

1. Make sure your watch isn’t always charging

If your watch is fully charged, then turn off its screen, put it away, and wait until you need it again before setting it up. You don’t want it constantly plugged in. If you’re not using it often, leave it unplugged overnight.

Also, excessive charging can ruin the battery. When the watch is completely charged, you should unplug it. It’s up to you if you’ll wear it immediately, or as you need it.

2. Use the correct charger

Make sure you get the right charger for your watch. Most watches require a micro-USB cable while some models use lightning cables. Your watch manual should tell you what kind you need.

Many people ruin their smart devices by using the wrong chargers. You may not see the negative effects immediately, but they will surely show up in the worst moment possible – when you need them most.

3. Clean оut your device cache


You may have this issue with your smartphone or PC, but watches also can keep unnecessary data that drains the battery through the background processes. These cached items take up space on your internal storage and can slow down performance over time. Delete anything you no longer need.

4. Keep your charger at room temperature

Storing your charger in a warm place could cause the internal components to degrade faster than normal. Also, make sure the temperature is appropriate while charging the watch.

Keep in mind that today’s devices can’t handle higher temperatures, and they easily heat up while charging. In order to avoid this, you have to make sure the watch and charger are away from direct sunlight. Don’t put them near heating devices, and don’t cover them with clothes or blankets.

This is a smaller step to take but ensures everything is done properly, preventing further damage caused by excessive heating.

5. Make sure your apps are in sleep mode during the night

You may also consider changing the settings of your apps to sleep mode instead of standby mode while you are not using the watch. That way it won’t consume power just to display the app’s icon when you aren’t looking at it.

You can’t even imagine how much battery resources are used to show off a notification, or another icon. So, during the night, or while you don’t use it, put the whole device in night or sleep mode. It saves battery, and you can make sure you will extend the battery longevity this way.

6. Disable location services


This is another useful feature that works in the background, draining the battery and shortening its lifespan. Luckily, you have options to choose to use location settings while needed and turn them off automatically.

Location services need a lot of battery power to keep track of where you are at. But you probably don’t need it all the time. For example, there is no need for location service while you go home, or to the store. So, make sure it’s disabled, and turn it on again when you really need it.

7. Set auto-brightness wisely

Nowadays, most smart devices use the option to set the brightness automatically. Sometimes it can be too bright when you actually don’t need that level of brightness.

So, we suggest setting it by yourself, using the fixed option. It doesn’t take much time until you adjust the screen brightness but ensures your battery last longer.


Always take care of your smart devices and use them as recommended. They are really worth a lot of money and splurging on them won’t do you much good. Instead, make sure the smartwatch is at the right temperature and away from water and direct sunlight. Always take care so you don’t have to buy a new watch or change the battery for short periods.

At the end of the day, the more responsible you are, the longer your expensive smart devices will last. So treat them responsibly and you’ll be able to maximize their lifespan even longer than expected.

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