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What Is a VPN: Benefits and Description of the Technology

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Many people get intimidated by its mere name when in reality it is a relatively easy type of technology. VPN means your digital presence is masked or concealed without interrupting your digital tasks. A good VPN ensures military-grade security or AES-256 bit encryption, which turns your data into obscure signs and language if an unauthorized person tries to access it.

In today’s world, VPNs play an important role to keep your digital information and identity secured where cybersecurity and digital data theft are common issues. Apart from saving you from unauthorized access, it also provides you with several benefits in areas such as gaming, business, entertainment, and online shopping.

Why should I use VPN?


You may wonder, why do I need a VPN? What can I do with a VPN? In reality, everyone should use a VPN as our digital presence is as significant and vulnerable as physical. We have an online persona while we browse the internet and websites collect our data actively and most of the time, without our consent.

VPNs are used for multipurpose. It is not restricted to a single industry anymore. Below we discuss the benefits of a VPN, what does it do, and what exactly is the Virtual Private Network.

Benefits of VPN:

Hide/Change IP Address:

When you use a VPN, websites like Facebook, cannot fathom where you are logged in, but still, they have access to what you watched, took quizzes, or browsed pages, and this data are used to make a digital profile.

VPN hides your actual Internet Protocol (IP) and changes it to the IP of your choosing. You may think why use a VeePN? It uses 256-bit encryption which means it provides you with the highest level of online security. With it, you can browse the internet without leaving any digital footprint.


A VPN protects your online information, especially in public places. When you connect to open Wi-Fi networks, there is a greater threat of hacking. Since life should go on, you must use VPN when you connect to café Wi-Fi for online shopping or when accessing bank applications.

With VPN protection, hackers won’t be able to access your login details, thus eliminating the chance of cyberattack.

Unblock Geo-Restricted sites:

There are several web services and programs geographically restricted in certain countries. If you are among those who love foreign shows, but cannot access them from your location. Then a VPN is highly recommended for you. A VPN changes your IP address to the different one, and you can easily enjoy the programs, Talk shows, sports, and whatnot!

Enjoy Discounts and Offers:

Did you know that VPNs are highly useful when it comes to enjoying discounts and offers? You can buy cheap tickets by using VPNs.

It is simple. All you have to do is change your current location to the location where the deals are offered and enjoy cheap rates, the best seat on the plane, and a lot more instantly.

Next time, stay alert when your favorite airline offers a discount on tickets outside your region. And enjoy the offer despite your location, because discounts know no boundary. Many travel bloggers encourage their followers to use this feature. Heck! They even do it themselves to save money and add more locations to their portfolio.

VPN Features For Business


VPN secures businesses at all levels. It provides data protection, secured communication for work from home employees, etc.

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

Reduce Cost of IT Support:

VPN provides its own IT support to its customers. This option gives businesses the opportunity to reduce the cost of a dedicated in house support team.

Prevent Bandwidth Throttling:

Bandwidth throttling happens in two ways:

• By your Internet Service Provider
• Or by someone who knows your IP and intentionally brings it down to harm you.

It happens when you visit certain websites or play certain games. A VPN will mask your IP, hence saving you the trouble of bandwidth throttling. It will instead give you extra bandwidth.

Reduce Data Throttling:


Data throttling happens when you reach a specific data limit. Your ISP server brings down your data speed, hence, reducing your work quality. VPN makes sure that you enjoy constant Internet speed by masking your IP. Your ISP provider wouldn’t be able to reach your server. Using VPN will give you control of these factors.

Secure Organizational Network:

By using a VPN within the organization, you can protect your data efficiently. It also provides the employees to communicate with each other through secure means. Divulsion of sensitive information becomes impossible with a VPN. Data protection among employees is very important, To know more about data protection, look at

Remote Access:

Pandemic proved that anyone can work from anywhere and stay loyal to their organization. VPN provides such employees that are working from home, a secure network to work and communicate with their organization. It reduces the fear of data vulnerability and cyberattacks.

Uses of VPN in Gaming:

Like TV shows, various games are not launched in every country. The restriction of the gaming industry can be frustrating for passionate, and even career gamers.

But VPN can solve your gaming problems easily. With a VPN you can install games that are restricted in your country, avail of the offers, even merchandise, and a bunch of other advantages.

Let’s see how VPN can take your gaming to a whole new level:

• Shield Against DDoS: Distributed Denial of Service attack is a reality in today’s world. Gamers tend to bring their opponents’ ISP down in order to win against them.
• VPN protects you against any such malicious activity by obstructing your IP and giving you the freedom to play fearlessly.
• Play with your friends around the world. Enjoy the latest games right when they are launched in the market with the help of a VPN.
• A VPN gives you access to restricted games and tactics offered in the games. You can enjoy your favorite games right when they are released.


A VPN has become a necessity in today’s world. VPNs play an important role in data security and provide a secure space, instead of hindering employee performance. Make sure you invest in a good VPN so that you can enjoy all the benefits without the worry of data security.