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Top 5 Pieces of Tech the Modern Home Can’t do Without

Although it doesn’t seem like it a lot of the time, technology is supposed to be there to make life easier for you. From gadgets in your car to help you park to apps on your phone for just about everything, you can do so many things while you are out and about that, you would not have dreamed of being able to do just a few short years ago.

Of course, you want those same technological boons when you get home as well, and the rise of the smart home has made what would have counted as science fiction not so long ago just another thing that Alexa (or another assistant) can do on command. If you want to add to the comfort and luxuries of home, there are some ‘must have’ gadgets that may have escaped your notice, but you are likely to find more than useful if you add them to your home.

#1 Pet cam

Pet cam

With more than 38.4% of US households owning a dog and 25.4 % owning a cat (according to the AVMA), It’s little wonder there are gadgets available to help you with the health, security, and wellbeing of your four-legged companions. There will, of course, be times when your dog or cat is left home alone while you are at work or shopping, and when you do, it is important that you know that they are safe and they are not getting up to mischief during your absence.

You can buy a pet cam from most electronics retailers, and you can stream activity to your phone via the internet to see what is going on at home, so you can check in whenever you want. If you have a pet door so they can go outside to take care of life’s little necessities, you can also attach an RFID tag to their collar so that the door opens automatically for them (and only for them) when they approach it.

#2 Sonic anti-loitering system

It’s a fact that some neighborhoods are better than others, and regardless of where you go, there is always a street corner, usually next to a store, where the local teens congregate. This is fine unless you happen to live directly adjacent to this gathering spot, where you might be able to hear music you don’t want to, language you definitely don’t, and possible fear that your property could be victim to anti-social behavior.

Asking them to move on yourself could be dangerous or make you and your property a deliberate target instead of an accidental one. One solution could be an anti-loitering solution from a provider like, which emits a sound at a frequency that only certain age groups can hear. This is anonymous, and the irritated youths will normally move on to somewhere else.

#3 Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner

These are not new ideas, and you may have one already, but these are, improving all of the time, and unless your purchase is a very new one, you might want to take a look at what is available now. You are likely to live a very busy life, spending more time at work and commuting – and after a tough day at the office (which is likely to be most days at the moment), the last thing you want to do is housework.

Having your vacuum cleaner go around before you come home can mean you walk into a tidier home and work towards helping you relax in the evening rather than stressing about how your home looks. It’s not just your floors that can benefit from robot technology, as you can also source a pool cleaner robot, which can save you another job.

#4 Programmable showers

When you get up in the morning, your first stop is often your shower, as it can enliven you for the day ahead. Most people enjoy a shower to the point where they might spend too long in there, sing, or even take music in with them to enhance the experience. You can always turn your shower on from another room as part of your existing smart home setup so that they are running at the right temperature when you get there, and there is no jumping out of the way of that first jet of cold water.

As with robot vacuum cleaners, technology has moved on, and it is now possible to find entirely programable showers for the right experience, from lighting to specially tailored music to make sure you are set up and motivated for what you have in store or fully relaxed and chilled out for a quiet evening or day off.

#5 Smart blinds and drapes

Smart blinds and drapes

These have been available in hotels for years, but voice-activated and programmable curtains can have many benefits for the average home. Apart from the fact you can now have your curtains open automatically in the morning without leaving your bed, you can start reaping the benefits of natural light that bit sooner – you can make it look like you are at home while you are on vacation.

You can even open and close blinds and curtains to control the amount of daylight coming into your home to benefit caged pets like birds or plants, so they have the optimum amount of light. You can also use them to help control your home’s temperature, as closed drapes tend to hold in the heat for winter months.

A few final thoughts

By now, you probably see most of the technology in your home as not just useful but essential. If you want to add to that, you need to make sure you are picking something that can improve your life, or at least the life of those who live with you. Robotic vacuums and remote-controlled blinds and showers are natural add-ons to your existing smart home tech, but a pet cam and an anit-loitering device can do much to keep your home and your pets safe when you are not around, or you need an anonymous solution to stop the chances of vandalism.

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