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Does Spectrum Internet Support PS4 Gaming?

Even though the PS5 is out, it is one of the most difficult consoles to get in recent times. Even after nearly a year of being in the market, the global chip shortage has really made it a coveted item.

In addition, the pandemic also slowed down game development, meaning that many of its stellar titles are not coming out for a few years. With these issues, you may want to wait a while before you make the effort of buying the new console. Instead, you can stick with your PS4 for a bit longer, for an amazing gaming experience.  

Gaming is an increasingly connected experience, so you obviously need a decent internet connection to get the optimal performance. Spectrum is a great option for this, and you can even bundle your internet with a Spectrum cable subscription for the full entertainment suite. In addition, you can enjoy excellent speeds, stable connectivity, and a lag-free gaming experience with Spectrum Internet.

The PS4 Gaming Experience

The PS4 came out in 2013 and became a global phenomenon ever since. It cemented Sony’s commitment to its PlayStation division, and really marked an era of excellence. It was the first console to use similar chips to gaming PCs, really ramping up processing power.  

Furthermore, Sony really doubled down on its policy of having gaming exclusives when it came to the PS$. Iconic titles such as Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Unchartered 4, Yakuza 6, and God of War were only available on the PS4 when they came out. This made it a must-have console for gaming enthusiasts. Even now, with the PS5 being so hard to get, some of its titles are backwards-compatible with the PS4, so it is an excellent console in all regards.   

Why Do You Need High-Quality Internet? 

As the PS4 supports high-level graphics and highly responsive gameplay, you can’t make do with a low-tier internet connection. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with intolerably high pings and lags which make many games practically unplayable.  

Just imagine, you’re getting through you’re the final stages of a multiplayer Ghost of Tsushima boss fight, and someone ends up AFKing (don’t be offended as it is common gaming lingo for being Away From the Keyboard). This does happen, and it is an extremely frustrating experience. Therefore, you need a really stable internet connection to prevent this from happening.  

What Stand-Out Features Does Spectrum Offer for Gamers? 

So, now that you know you need a good internet connection for your gaming requirements, what should you pick? Spectrum Internet is a great option, as it has a wide variety of packages, which also cater to gamers in particular. It offers up a number of excellent features which make it the right choice when you want to minimize lag and get the lowest pings possible. Here are a few of its top features.   

Unlimited Data 

The provider offers unlimited data with all of its internet packages. Gaming consumes massive data packets, so you’ll be glad to know there are no data caps with their connections. Therefore, you can play to your heart’s content, without worrying about having to buy extra data beyond a certain limit. After all, you don’t want to run out of data in the middle of a raid or match.  

High Speeds Up to 1GB

If you want to play with high internet speeds, this is the right choice for you. Spectrum’s internet speeds start from 100mbps and go all the way up to 1gbps in certain areas. In addition, it even offers upload speeds of around 10mbps, one of the best in the market. You can especially enjoy these speeds if you have a fiber-optic connection, and have subscribed to the appropriate package.  

These high speeds let you work well with most video games and enjoy the optimal experience. You won’t have to lower your graphics quality to enjoy these rapid speeds, so you can play your favorite games at their maximum performance level.  

Optimized Bandwidth Management

You can even access Quality of Service settings on your internet connection if you have the right router. These QoS settings allow you to set priorities for certain devices or activities. Therefore, you can allocate the highest priority to your gaming activities.  

This will allow you to get the best performance on your PS4, and not have to worry about other people’s downloads messing with your killstreaks.   

Reliable & Steady Connection 

It is extremely annoying when your internet connection drops and you lose out on a few excellent kills or shots in your video games. This can result in you losing the game due to crucial moments. Spectrum’s internet is steady and reliable, so you won’t face these issues.  

In conclusion, Spectrum internet is an excellent option for all the avid gamers out there. So, get hooked and enjoy an optimal gaming experience!