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Soon Apple Users Could Enjoy Dual Bluetooth Audio Connections

Apple Dual Bluetooth Audio Feature

Currently, the trend of wireless technologies like Bluetooth are rapidly replacing the traditional ways of device connection. According to the ABI research

“Around 10 billion Bluetooth enabled devices will ship in 2019”

Incorporation of dual Bluetooth audio connection technology make it even more revolutionizing and trending.

As per the sources, it seems that even Apple is planning to introduce dual Bluetooth audio connection feature to their upcoming iPhone models.

It will enable multiple Bluetooth device connections for users which can be beneficial in many ways. For example, you want to connect your phone with your car’s GPS system and also want to listen music, dual Bluetooth connectivity will make it possible for you. Another simple example is that; this wireless feature will allow you to connect multiple sets of headphones so that two friends can enjoy watching movie with full audio experience.

Surprisingly, already there are several Samsung’s devices like Samsung S8 are available in the market with dual audio feature which require Bluetooth 5.

As per the sources, if Apple implements the dual audio feature to new models, then it might be possible to have this advance functionality available for older phones including iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XS via software update.

But, don’t get it as an official announcement as these are rumors yet and we’ll have to wait for what happens next.

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