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How to Level up in Online Games, Taking Into Account All the Features and Mechanics?

The world of online games is multifaceted, and each game developer tries to bring their own unique mechanics, or refine an existing experience in order to offer new ideas based on other people’s developments.

World of Warcraft proposed the concept of a confrontation between two irreconcilable parties to the conflict – the Horde and the Alliance, and the whole concept of pumping comes down, including through constant PvP and the desire to pump out your hero to a high level and participate in large-scale battles.

Lineage 2 focused on the concept of free-roaming independent of quests, and the idea of PvP and castle siege was the crowning idea and the impetus for leveling up.

These are just small examples of diversity in the ideas of the projects themselves, which come to the same thing – leveling determines success on the project, and without proper lvl it will be extremely difficult to reach the most interesting content conceived by the developers.

Leveling methods that will work in most MMO RPG projects


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Complete quests

Most game projects have their own quest system, and even the famous Lineage 2, which has always focused on leveling in fields with constant fights for spots, has also come to this format.

The solution is explained simply – the quest system, this is a great opportunity for developers to lay a simple and understandable training system for players through unobtrusive tasks that will teach you how to use skills and movement, contact with all thoughtful mechanics and activities and for this gain experience, gold and equipment for hero enhancements.

Quests can be divided among themselves into two types – main and secondary.

The main ones are story quests that tell you the main story of the game world and at the same time help you progress by regularly giving you level ups and new assignments.

Secondary quests are not the main tasks that are not necessary to complete and which in themselves do not carry any real benefit, but if you learn how to mix them with the main tasks and complete them in one game location, then you can gradually squeeze out the maximum experience and resources from each level and progress much faster.

Carefully track rewards and learn to evaluate their potential value and time-to-result ratio.



Grinding, or hunting monsters in the fields, is the type of activity that attracts a large number of players. Back in the day, Diablo and the Path of Exile made a name for themselves simply by giving players the ability to smash monsters for rare rewards and ever-increasing difficulty levels. The concept has done its job, and there are a lot of people who just want to beat the monsters.

Just find a location that suits your level and start exterminating monsters, constantly moving to new lands every time your enemies level up to yours. At such moments, the quality of pumping and the chances of knocking out valuable items drops, and you need to move on.

Grind allows you to combine pumping and collecting resources, which has a positive effect not only on the growth of gaming skills and levels in general, but also on the well-being of your hero and the ability to buy better weapons and armor to accelerate experience gain.

Assignments and Temporary tasks

Almost every modern MMO RPG has temporary assignments, or tasks for which one day, or another period of time is allotted.

If you manage to complete such a task on time, you can get experience, gold and other consumables, which will not be bad at all and definitely will not become superfluous in your inventory, especially if you skillfully combine three components at once – quests, grind and such tasks.

Dungeons and raids


These are dangerous zones that can only be entered as part of a group. Raids are profitable and not profitable.

A profitable raid is one in which for a certain period of time that you need to spend to defeat the boss, you will receive significantly more experience than during pumping and, in addition, have a chance to knock out a valuable item that will potentially increase the power of your hero.

Not profitable raids are those dungeons where you do not get enough experience, or it comes less than during a hunt, and equipment and weapons may not fall out to you at all.

The raid itself is a combat zone in which you and your squad fight the boss and his retinue in order to obtain rare equipment and weapons.

The boss is a reinforced monster with high health and attack, which is not easy to kill, but everyone who copes with this task will have a chance to receive unique rewards and experience.

Don’t forget about guards – a retinue that heals the boss and attacks all his enemies can be deadly, especially for supports, so they should be killed first. There is no experience for killing them, but when the boss has no assistants, it becomes much easier to kill him, which means that the main experience will be yours, the main thing is not to die at the finishing stage.



Experience is important in any online game, as it unlocks the combat and farming potential of any class by unlocking all the basic skills.

All the most interesting locations and activities require a high level indicator for admission.

If you love PvP and want to win it more often, then you need good equipment and a high level.

The faster you reach the final levels, the faster you will start farming the best equipment for the maximum level, and you will not have to change it until the next update in the MMO RPG, which will bring new content, levels and unique equipment that will have to be farmed again.

Pay attention to quests for a stable increase in levels. If you want experience from the gameplay, then choose the grind.

Choose the most optimal sources of obtaining levels – secondary tasks with a minimum increase are the worst choice, unless you combine it with main tasks and tasks and then you can get triple experience just by farming in one location and return to the city only when you complete everything accepted assignments and assignments.

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