Google Seems Penalizing Favicons in Mobile Search Snippets

Favicon Penalty

Google has recently launched their new mobile search design that enables favicons in search snippets. As per the sources – From yesterday, Google has started penalizing favicons against the Google’s standard favicon guidelines.

Here are Google’s guidelines you can follow to show your favicon in search results.

  • Both the favicon and homepage should not be blocked to Google
  • Your favicon must be a clear representation of your website’s brand so that users can recognize your site when they go through the search results.
  • You can use different favicon sizes such as; 48x48px, 96x96px, 144x144px with valid favicon format. Google will rescale your favicon to 16px16px to make it look better in search results. Note: Make sure you do not upload 16px16px favicon.
  • It is not a good idea to change the favicon URL frequently.
  • Google do not like to show any inappropriate imagery in favicon and used to replace such icons with Google’s default favicon icon.

What is the Favicon Penalty?

Well, as per this penalty Google will replace all the favicons in mobile search results found violating guidelines with Google’s default favicon icon.

Here we cite one example where you can see the alteration in favicon icon before and after the penalty –




Does Favicon Penalty Affect your Rankings?

Absolutely not. This particular Google penalty related to favicon will not affect your keyword rankings in search results. It just makes you unable to show your custom favicon in mobile search results.

Does Google Notify Webmasters Through Search Console?

Seemingly not for now, but Google might start sending notifications to webmasters related to this penalty soon.

Besides it, still we have to wait for more information on how long does this penalty last? Or How it is issued?

This is all very new for all of us but it might be possible that webmasters will get manual action notification regarding this issues soon.

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