Good News! Apple May Introduce Dual Sim iPhone Models Soon this Year

Ready to get rid of the hassle of using just single sim card with iPhone because big news are coming for you!

Dual Sim iPhone

A good news is coming from media reports for iPhone users that technology hulk Apple is working on dual sim iPhone.

As per Bloomberg’s report – New iPhone models with dual sim support might be introduced to several regions this year.

This feature allows users to switch between local carrier plan and a new country coverage area without any hassle.

Although it was first considered as a rumor, but with the release of operating system iOS 12 developer beta 5, found evidence that dual sim facility is indeed coming to iPhone soon.

In short, Apple is planning something great which will surely lure new buyers.

Many users avoid using iPhone with an excuse that it supports only one sim. It means users have to swap out one card to use another one, which is actually boring and look not professional.

So, if the reports are correct then Apple will surely hit a big success with this dual sim feature.

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