‘Find My iPhone’ App Saves Life of Two Boys in Minnesota

Find My iPhone

Are you one of those who think that mobile phones and apps are useless and waste of time? Then this incident recently took place in Morrison County would surprise you.

On last Sunday, investigators in Morrison County reported that cellphone saved the lives of two boys.

When one of the boys didn’t make presence for family function that afternoon, his parents got help of smartphone technology and used “Find My iPhone” app to find out his son. It led parents to the Little Elk River near the town of Randall.

“The river is real slow,” Chief Charles Strack of the Randall Police Deparment said. “It’s a nice place to cool off and it was a really warm day that day.”

When parents reached at the spot, they found his son’s 12 year old friend unconscious and found his 14 years old son in semi-responsive situation. They helped both boys and pull them up to shore where first responders take care of them.

“For a dad or mom or anyone to locate a childlike that is beyond belief, but he was still able to get him out and up the river bank,” Strack said.

Both boys were taken to hospital for immediate treatments and expected to be OK. Thanks to their savvy parents and first responders who act on time. According to Chief Strack, situation would have ended much more differently if parents arrived a couple of minutes later.

“Everything just worked out to save this kid’s life,” said Chief Strack.

Generally, Police ask people to switch off or put their cell phones down while driving, but this time cellphone became life saving tool.

“And that’s a sensitive issue with parents- when to buy a cell phone and when they shouldn’t. In this case it turned out be a good ending,” said Chief Strack.

The good news is that 14 Year old boy was released from hospital. The 12-year-old boy is still taking treatment at HCMC in good condition. Strack said first responders also played a big role in keeping this rescue.

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