Dillon the Hacker Passed Away at the Age of 20

Dillon the Hacker

Sad news comes in an early morning on 29th August that the Dillon the Hacker is no more. He was a famous YouTuber and a very talented comedian. The news of drowning of a rising sun in the darkness were come in the light on tweeters feeds. Check out below tweet by PewDiePie –

Another tweet from one of his close friends known as Pupinia Stewart paid tribute to Dillon –

Although, news seem hard to believe for millions of Dillon Henderson’s friends but after the official tweet from his great rival and a well known YouTuber known as PewDiePie made them sad and cry for losing such a young friend and talent.

However, reason of his death is still unknown but news has surely made thousands mourn in the morning.

Dillon was first come in the spotlight in 2014 when he was recorded some interesting videos making fun of leading youtubers like PewDiePie. He even threatened to woo PewDiePie’s wife.

His youtube account was reported suspended in 2016 but later reinstated with the help of PwDiePie (Felix Kjellberg).

Here are Dillon’s Twitter and YouTube profiles –

Dillown the Hacker’s Twitter Profile –

Dillon The Hacker Twitter Profile


Dillon the Hacker’s Youtube Profile –

Dillon The Hacker YouTube Profile


Rest in peace Dillon the Hacker!

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