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How to Delete More Than 100 Messages (Chats) in WhatsApp?

Delete Whatsapp Messages

Got too many messages in your Whatsapp and don’t know how to get rid of them? No worries, here I will let you know how to delete more than 100 messages in Whatsapp at a time.

In the morning, I was browsing through Reddit posts and found one user looking for the solution to delete thousands of WhatsApp messages in just one click as he thought that deleting all these messages will take a month for him.

Whatsapp Reddit User

Well he is right in some ways because WhatsApp has no such feature to delete multiple messages at a time especially in Android.

However, iOS users can consider themselves blessed as WhatsApp is providing Clear Chat feature for iPhone users.

Fortunately, Android WhatsApp users can make some tweaks to avoid too much messages in their chat panel.

So, let’s discuss possible solutions you can try –

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Delete WhatsApp Messages in iPhone and Android

WhatsApp has now become the way we communicate with our friends and family.

I mean I have literally seen some people who prefer to speak less than sending Whatsapp message to express their feelings and requirements even in the single room.

If you are one of these then it might be possible that your WhatsApp chat panel is getting overflow with thousands of messages.

But the real problem starts when it comes to delete all WhatsApp messages at once.

Well here are some workarounds you can try –

How to Delete More Than 100 WhatsApp Messages in iPhone?

If you are using iOS device, then removing multiple chats of a particular contact will take few seconds only.

What you need to do is –

Step 1

Go to the Contact Info of the person with whom you have chatted a lot.

Step 2

Scroll down a little and click on the Clear Chat option.

Clear Chat Whatsapp

Step 3

Now select Delete All Messages and it will remove all the chats in a second.

Delete All Messages

That’s it.

How to Delete All Chats in WhatsApp?

In case if you are thinking to clear all WhatsApp chats in one shot then below steps will help you.

It will work for both Android and iOs.

Step 1

First, Uninstall the WhatsApp.

Step 2

Now install the app again.

Step 3

Whatsapp will ask to restore your previous chats. Just say No to it and your WhatsApp will be completely empty.

Use Disappearing Messages Feature

As I stated above, there is no way for Android users to delete Whatsapp messages in bulk of a particular contact.

However, there is a feature called Disappearing Messages which might help you to get rid of previous chats every 7 days.

Whatsapp Disappearing Messages Feature

What you need to do is –

Just go to the contact info of the person and turn on Disappearing Messages feature.

Now, all the messages which you send and receive with that contact will keep deleting every 7 days.

Just turn it on for all contacts and will never have a piles of chats in your WhatsApp.

Note: Don’t use this feature if you have some important conversation to keep with you for a long time.

Wrapping it up…

In brief, these were some handy solutions you can try to delete Whatsapp messages.

I am sure that WhatsApp is aware of these hassle and will shortly provide convenient feature like Select All and Delete chat.