New “Chinese Fireball Malware” Infects 250 Million Devices Worldwide

Chinese Fireball Malware Attack

Online world has not yet recovered from WannaCry Ransomware, and again new Chinese malware was recently reported with its potential dangers. Check Point Threat Intelligence and research teams has discovered this new Chinese Fireball Malware operation that infected around 250 million computers worldwide.

According to reports, newly found fireball malware is present on 20% of corporate networks with major infected centers in India, Brazil, and Mexico. Check Point considers it as the “possibly the largest infection operation in history.” has recently reported that Chinese Fireball Malware is designed to hijack browsers to change the default search engine and utilize their web traffic to generate revenue on behalf of Beijing-based digital marketing firm called Rafotech.

However, Rafotech doesn’t admit that they are the producers of such browser-hijackers and phony search engines. Instead, they declare Rafotech as a successful marketing agency, reaching 300 million users worldwide – unfortunately similar to our number of estimated infections.

Major Discoveries

  • This Chinese threat deceptively infected around 250 million computers and 20% of corporate networks worldwide.
  • It acts as a browser-hijacker and can be turned into a malware downloader. It can execute any code on victim’s machines with an aim to monetize their web traffic on behalf of their creators.
  • The Fireball outbreak is mainly spread using “bundling” method.
  • This malware operation is believed to be run by one Chinese digital marketing agency.
  • Major targeted countries are India and Brazil.

How Can I Know If I am Infected with Chinese Fireball Malware?

It can be done just by asking few questions to yourself such as;

  • Was Your Web Browser Home Page Set by You?
  • Are you able to make changes to it?
  • Are you familiar with your default search engine?
  • Are you able to modify your default search engine?
  • Are you familiar with all installed browser extensions?

If the answer to this questions is “NO”, then it might possible that your device is infected with this deceptive Fireball malware.

What Are the Dangers of This Chinese Fireball Malware?

When the trigger is in the wrong hand, dangers are easy to imagine. And this is online threat that can easily access your personal information like your banking details, credit card credentials, business plans and other important things which can make the situation more vulnerable.

Based on study, major key organizations, medical institutions and infrastructure operators are more susceptible to this online malware. Unfortunately, loss is huge and it could take years to repair this damage.

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