Monzo Down Issue Resolved Now

Recently Monzo users face temporary downtime which has been resolved by the company after hard work of hours.


Few hours ago, people using Monzo (app-based debit card) experienced an inability to pay their bills and payments as Monzo has got down.

The company itself has confirmed it on its official twitter account. Check out below twitter conversation of company and its user;

They even have sent a push alter to their users notifying them to take another card with them – as Monzo card is currently being out of service.

Check what Ibrahim Salha, The Independent’s head of audience and regular Monzo user said about this Monzo down;

“I was very disappointed to arrive at Whole Foods and find that I couldn’t buy my usual vegan yoghurt alternative for breakfast,”

“But it was so disappointing because Monzo is normally so good – when it’s up, I love it, so it’s a tragedy when it’s down!

“It was a shame that I didn’t know about it in advance, though, and more than a little embarrassing to be rejected by the cashier.”

However, company has done their best to get up with this temporary downtime and after few hours Monzo start working and is now back online. Even users got notification that “earlier issues have been fully resolved and your card and account should be fully functional again now”.

They have even confirmed it on twitter, Check below tweet;