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    Good News! Apple May Introduce Dual Sim iPhone Models Soon this Year

    Dual Sim iPhone

    A good news is coming from media reports for iPhone users that technology hulk Apple is working on dual sim iPhone. As per Bloomberg’s report – New iPhone models with dual sim support might be introduced to several regions this year. This feature allows users to switch between local carrier plan and a new country […] More

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    How to Enable Skype Push to Talk Feature on Windows and Mac?

    Skype Push to Talk

    Skype can be considered as one of the best application to be used for the purpose of communication by way of text messages, images and video call etc. There are other advanced features also which makes skype the desired communication application. One of them is the skype push to talk feature. The push to talk […] More

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    How to Activate and Use Google Digital Assistant on Pixel and Other Android Phones?

    Google Digital Assistant

    Technology is coming up with new avenues every day. Artificial intelligence is one such sector which has added a new dimension to technology. It is being seen a sector which has the widest of potentials in terms of growth. Most globally renowned and well-established companies are investing heavy shares in Artificial Intelligence (AI). After Siri […] More

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    Google’s Android Cheeseburger Emoji Got its Right Place Now

    Cheeseburger Emoji

    Google made its promise by placing cheeseburger to its right place in the latest android 8.1 update. Emojipedia has first spotted the fix. In android 8.0, cheeseburger slice was placed underneath the patty in the burger emoji which later become a center point of debate over social media earlier this month. On 28th October 2017, […] More

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    ‘Find My iPhone’ App Saves Life of Two Boys in Minnesota

    Find My iPhone

    Are you one of those who think that mobile phones and apps are useless and waste of time? Then this incident recently took place in Morrison County would surprise you. On last Sunday, investigators in Morrison County reported that cellphone saved the lives of two boys. When one of the boys didn’t make presence for […] More

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    7 Years Old Google Instant Search Result Feature is Going Away

    Google Instant Search Gone

    Google has recently decided to shut off its instant search results feature. This was launched on September 8, 2010 in San Francisco, California by Google’s former Vice President of Search Product and User Experience Marissa Mayer. This feature was launched with an aim to deliver quick browsing experience to desktop users. According to a report, […] More

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    Google Feed Update – Smart Feed That Changes with You

    Google Feed Update

    Today Google has announced a new feed experience in the Google App. It makes easy to search, explore and connecting with what matters to you. It Changes with You Image Source: https://www.blog.google/ New Google feeds are not only based on how you are using Google to meet your needs, but it also includes latest happenings around […] More

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    Monzo Down Issue Resolved Now

    Few hours ago, people using Monzo (app-based debit card) experienced an inability to pay their bills and payments as Monzo has got down. The company itself has confirmed it on its official twitter account. Check out below twitter conversation of company and its user; We're extremely sorry 😔 We're investigating further issues & your card […] More

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    Bird Street in London Is Testing Some Smart Technology

    Bird Street London

    Bird Street in London is in news for its innovative use of technology for generating electricity from Footsteps of visitors. Here you can even experience some other mind blowing use of modern technology to make the street even more eco-friendly such as; Pavements turns footsteps into electricity Benches cleaning the air Shops are created to […] More

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    Apple’s Business Chat – Will be Introduced on Friday

    Apple Business Chat App

    Recently a new and innovative app has seen on Apple’s Developer website which is titled as “Business Chat”. Yes, Apple is creating an app with an aim to bridge a communication gap between customers and small businesses. Apple will introduced it on Friday June 9 2017 at 10:00 a.m Pacific. “Business Chat is a powerful […] More

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